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Juicing for Healing – Raw Juice as Vital Part in Cancer Therapy

Juicing for Healing – Raw Juice as Vital Part in Cancer Therapy - Juicerville

Marcus Lindstrom |

One of the greatest rewards of being in the business of selling juicers is the health success stories that so many people are kind enough to share with us. We often hear from people who have more energy and experience an overall improvement in health within weeks of starting to juice regularly.

Green juice in glass

The positive influence of juicing on our well-being and disease fighting ability has been documented frequently in recent years. Through powerful documentaries, such as Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead, Food Matters, Forks Over Knives, Vegucated, as well as countless personal accounts posted on juicing blogs and websites across the internet, we have learned that regular juicing may not only improve general health but also assist in the healing of various physical disorders, such as obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, and even cancer.

With mounting evidence of the efficacy of juicing in the prevention and treatment of cancer, many health care professionals are now turning a keen eye to the prospect of incorporating juicing as a vital part of their overall cancer therapy.

The National Association of Professional Cancer Coaches (NAPCC) is an organization of certified health professionals that have fully embraced the importance of nutrition and juicing in cancer prevention and recovery. NAPCC coaches its patients in all aspects of cancer prevention, cancer recovery and life after cancer. Their nutritional program helps patients remain healthy and well while undergoing conventional treatments, such as surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.

According to NAPCC, juicing may be the single best approach towards healing a body with cancer. Patients attending one of their juicing seminars learn about the best juicers to use for maximizing nutritional value of the juice, and what the most potent juice ingredients are, and how to mix them for the most effective, and delicious, results.

Beyond juicing, NAPCC also coaches patients in other non-conventional techniques, such as nutrition, meditation, breathing, visualization, lifestyle changes, laughter therapy, etc.


Juicerville is proud to be a supporter of NAPCC and their commitment to improving the lives of cancer patients on their challenging road to recovery.

For more on NAPCC and to learn about their classes and seminars, please visit their website,