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Achieve Your Health Goals Faster Using Apps

Achieve Your Health Goals Faster Using Apps - Juicerville

Wendy Floyd |

We all could use some support in achieving our healthy living goals. Whether you are aspiring to meditate, eat healthier, try new raw food recipes, exercise regularly, or sleep better, then do not fret as technology has got your back.

Apps That Support Your Healthy Living Goals

Whatever your goals may be, there are plenty of apps to help you be successful in creating and sustaining your healthy habits. If you haven't yet explored the app store on your smart device, here are few examples of categories of healthy living apps to choose from:  

  1. Calorie and nutrition calculators - if you're looking to lose weight, increase your protein intake, or build muscle, then calorie and nutrition calculators are your new best friend. These apps help keep your nutrition on point and focused on your goals.
  2. Meditation, mindfulness and relaxation - if you want to begin meditating, practicing daily gratitude, breathing more deeply, or sleeping better, then let an app guide you through this process. 
  3. Diet-specific recipes and meal planning - if you aren't sure what to prepare for meals and snacks now that you're eating raw, paleo, keto or gluten-free, then a recipe app will spare you from the trouble of having to create a meal plan. Achieving your dietary goals is much more sustainable when you are told what you can eat and when. 
  4. Workouts based on your goals - from weight loss to muscle gains to strength and flexibility - apps that provide you with workout routines allows you to have a plan and keep your eye on the fitness prize.    
  5. Running routes - when your running schedule says 6 kms and you want a new route, this type of app helps you map out your distance and gives you all of your precious running data, such as speed, time, elevation gain, calories burned, and will even compare your running data to other runners. 
  6. Shopping list and personal budgeting - want to eat delicious and healthy meals and snacks, but not spend a fortune, then shopping and personal budgeting tools will help you keep your spending and nutrition under control.   
  7. Habit trackers - if you want to create healthy habits, such as getting up at 6 a.m. three times a week or drinking 10 cups of water every day, then this tool will not only track your progress, but send you reminders too.  

What to Look for in an App

When determining whether an app will help not hinder your healthy lifestyle, consider these factors:

  • Will the app help me achieve my goals? There¬†is an incredible number of apps to choose from, so don't settle for one that doesn't meet all of your needs. Do your research and find out what others with similar goals recommend. Also, if you begin using an app and find that it's not what you thought it was or you come across a better one, then don't be afraid to switch.¬†
  • Is the app easy and simple to use?¬†An app that meets your needs¬†will be straightforward and easy to navigate. If it is difficult to use, has a few glitches or is just not user-friendly, then you will most likely avoid using it at all cost. Don't let a bad app stand in the way of you achieving your goals.¬† ¬† ¬†
  • Does the app reward you for successes? Humans love to be recognized for good behaviour and an app that offers positive reinforcement for achieving goals will help keep you motivated. Encouragement goes a long way in reminding you of how well you are doing.¬†
  • Will the app send you reminders?¬†We need¬†a visual cue to remind us of our tasks. Having a virtual monkey on your back will ensure that you don't give yourself permission to¬†slack off.¬†
  • Does the app track your behaviours? Seeing¬†your progress laid out in front of you creates a very powerful emotional response. Progress towards our goals makes us happy and happiness¬†encourages goal-oriented behaviours.¬†
  • Do¬†essential features come at an added cost?¬†If you're not willing to make in-app purchases and it's not useful otherwise, then it may be better to find another app.¬†¬†¬†
  • Can you share updates on social media?¬†If it wasn't posted on social media, did it really happen?¬†Show your friends, family and followers your progress. Get them to cheer you on or better yet, create some healthy competition by bringing them on board.


 Comment below on what healthy living apps you would recommend!  


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