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Product Feature: The Ankarsrum Kitchen Mixer

Product Feature: The Ankarsrum Kitchen Mixer - Juicerville

Wendy Floyd |

The Ankarsrum Kitchen Mixer will be the last mixer you'll ever need to purchase. 

Trusted Swedish Quality

Ankarsrum kitchen tools are Swedish made and trusted by chefs in kitchens across the world. They are incredibly durable, long-lasting machines that are sold in 30 different countries, and now finally available to purchase by home chefs in Canada.  

A Mixer with Elegant Styling & Modern Design

With its classic and elegant styling, the Ankarsrum mixer combines professional functionality with superior quality. Our clients are thrilled by the recent upgrades Ankarsrum has made to the mixer, such as adding genuine chrome front panel knobs, extending the motor base warranty to 7 years, and offering a variety of colours to choose from. This is the ultimate kitchen appliance that you will want to show off on your counter top thanks to its compact footprint, sleek design and removable power cord. 

Incomparable Versatility of Ankarsrum Mixers

If you have limited kitchen storage space, the Ankarsrum Kitchen Mixer 6230 Original will help you maximize your space while saving you money. This multi-functional, high-quality kitchen center boasts the versatility of a mixer, food processor, grinder, blender, and slicer all in one.  

We offer accessories for your mixer that will enable you to:

  • strain/puree fruits
  • slice and shred vegetables
  • blend smoothies
  • grind flours and coffee
  • squeeze juice
  • make pasta
  • grind meats for hamburger and sausage

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    You won't want to miss our winter sale event. It is the best time to take advantage of our lowest prices and 0% financing.  


    Client Testimonial 

    Our clients are continuing to give the Ankarsrum Kitchen Mixer 5-star reviews, including Christopher B. who calls it the "Volvo of Mixers." 

    "Solidly constructed and up to the job on heavy doughs, batters, and the accessories for pasta, meat, veg slicing are all fantastic."       



    Watch this Multi-Purpose Mixer in Action