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Product Feature: Harvest Right Greenhouse

Product Feature: Harvest Right Greenhouse - Juicerville

Wendy Floyd |

The Harvest Right Greenhouse takes the unpredictability out of gardening and creates the perfect growing conditions to keep your kitchen fully stocked with produce all year long.

Create Optimal Growing Conditions Using a Harvest Right Greenhouse 

Whether you're new to gardening or an experienced green thumb, all gardeners will benefit from a Harvest Right Greenhouse.

Unlike outdoor gardening, you can control your climate and create the perfect level of moisture, humidity and temperature for growing plants by using a greenhouse.

Because your growing season isn't dependent on seasonal changes and weather conditions, such as dry spells, wind, hail and frost, you're not bound by the typical growing season. You have the flexibility to plant when you want and depending on where you live in Canada, this could turn a few months of gardening every year into a year-long venture! Bottom line, you'll have successful harvests year in and year out.

Greenhouse Gardening Saves You Money

With the rising cost of produce, growing your own garden makes perfect economical sense. You not only save money, you have the added benefit of controlling your growing environment. Many home gardeners are choosing to grow organic, so you eliminate the use of harmful artificial or synthetic pesticides or insecticides or fertilizers. 

Built From High Quality Materials

Greenhouse owners will be able to see the difference in the quality. Hail, wind and snow resistant, the cover is made of woven polyethylene, which is tear resistant, and is treated to block 100% of harmful UV rays. When you purchase your Harvest Right Greenhouse with Juicerville, you get a full 5-year warranty. Combine that with our winter sale and our buy now, pay later 0% financing, it is the best time of the year to purchase your Harvest Right Greenhouse. 

The frame is incredibly durable as the poles that make up the structure are made of high-quality rust-proof aircraft aluminum and the hubs that the poles snap into are made of UV-resistant nylon polycarbonate.

The geodesic design can remarkably withstand winds up to 144 km/hr, heavy snow, hail and even earthquakes and set up is ridiculously easy. It takes one person about 2-4 hours to set up the greenhouse, whereas comparable models would take days. 

And it's incredibly easy to construct with its snap system, so there are no tools required to set up the greenhouse. You'll also appreciate the portable design, so if you need to move it, you can. Plus, you do not have to obtain a city building permit for this greenhouse.

Versatility of a Harvest Right Greenhouse

You'll see that the Harvest Right Greenhouse gives you the freedom to grow what you want, when you want. From indoor and outdoor plants, you can choose to grow in the ground or in raised beds, pots, or hanging plants, and when your greenhouse is not in use, you can safely tuck away all of your gardening tools and supplies until you're ready to start planting next.

The 16' greenhouse provides about 200 square feet of ground cover and 9.5' of vertical growing space. For this size, you can grow fresh produce for about 4-8 people.  

The 24' greenhouse provides about 450 square feet of ground cover and 10.5' of vertical growing space. For this size, you can grow fresh produce for about 8-14 people.  

You won't believe the results you can achieve with the Harvest Right Greenhouse!