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The Essentials of Freeze Dried Food - What You Need to Know

The Essentials of Freeze Dried Food - What You Need to Know - Juicerville

Wendy Floyd |

Freeze drying foods is a no-brainer way to preserve fruits and vegetables and still get the benefit of almost 100% of their delicious vitamins and minerals. That means you get the rewards of eating a raw food diet AND save money by eliminating food waste.   

While you may have noticed freeze-dried food has grown in popularity in recent years, this method of preserving food is not new. In fact, freeze drying was developed during World War II as a means of keeping vaccines from spoiling and from there, the technology was refined and used extensively during the NASA space program. Remember astronaut ice cream?

How does freeze drying work?

During the freeze drying process, food is initially frozen to -40C to -46C. Once the food is reaches the appropriate temperature, the freeze dryer creates a powerful vacuum around the food and as a soon as the temperature of the food rises just above -18C, the frozen moisture in the food is quickly evaporated off as a gas. This process takes about 24 to 36 hours from start to finish and removes almost 100 percent of the moisture from food. 

Are freeze-dried foods nutritious?

It is remarkable how freeze-dried foods can be stored for up to 25 years without compromising their nutritional profile, which means freeze-dried foods are just as healthy for you as the day on which they were preserved. They hold virtually the same nutrients, minerals and vitamins, plus they're free of additives and preservatives. Most people are surprised to learn that freeze drying does not affect the flavour, colour or shape of their food as compared to other methods of preserving food.

freeze dried vegetables

Is freeze drying a more nutritious method of food preservation (vs. dehydrating or canning)?

Other methods for preserving food (canning, dehydration) use higher temperatures and typically up to 60 percent of the nutritional value may be lost. They also affect the taste, colour and texture of the food, which makes freeze drying the healthiest of all methods for preserving food. 

How are freeze-dried foods stored?

Food should be kept in a moisture and oxygen proof package to ensure its freshness and stored at room temperature, no refrigeration required. 

Can freeze-dried foods be rehydrated?

You can re-hydrate freeze-dried food and it will go back to its original flavour, aroma and appearance. You can also enjoy your food as is and still receive the same health benefits and all of the flavour. 

What types of foods can be freeze dried?

You can freeze dry just about anything, it's pretty incredible. Beyond raw and cooked fruits and vegetables, think entire meals, including casseroles, smoothies, desserts, nut milk. The possibilities are limitless.

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FACT: Half of the food we produce in the world never actually makes it to our plates. That means about two billion tons of our precious food has gone to waste and that doesn't even include the food we waste in our own kitchens.