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What... the Angel juicer can actually save me money?

Choose Angel when you are as serious with your money as you are with your health!

delicious fresh juiceIf you are really serious about your nutrition and you are juicing several times a week, or even every day, we strongly recommend the Angel juicer because of its superior yield. The money saved on produce compared to a lower yielding juicer will add up much quicker than you may think.

Have a look at the chart below. A household of two people having just two small glasses of organic carrot juice per day, can save over $500 per year in produce spending by choosing the Angel juicer over a single gear masticating juicer. A family of four can save well over a thousand dollars in one year!

With prices of quality produce steadily on the rise it is more important than ever that your juicer can extract the highest possible yield of juice from your veggies. If you invest in a high yield juicer you won't leave any of your hard earned dollars in the pulp.

Family size Juicer Type Daily Juice (ml) Rel. yield Carrots  (kg) Cost organic carrots ($) Daily savings ($) Yearly Savings ($)
2 Angel Twin Gear 1,000 100% 1.3 4.10 1.70 621
Single Gear 1,000 70% 1.8 5.80
3 Angel Twin Gear 1,500 100% 1.9 6.10 2.50 912
Single Gear 1,500 70% 2.7 8.60
4 Angel Twin Gear 2,000 100% 2.6 8.30 3.20 1168
Single Gear 2,000 70% 3.6 11.50

For more details behind the data on this chart, please see bottom of page.


Here is what recent customers have had to say on the juice yield of the Super Angel.

I previously had been using the Omega, but the Super Angel is hands down better. I need much less hard and leafy vegetables to get the same amount of juice.
- Drew M. reviewed the Angel 5500

With the centrifugal juicer, I had to put at least 6 or 7 medium carrots to get a glass of juice, but with the Angel juicer I only use 3 to 4 carrots of same size. In the long run it saves a lot of money.
- Elham A. reviewed the Angel 5500

very dry pulp. EXTREMELY high yield.
- Cam reviewed the Angel 5500

There is substantially more juice from the same amount of produce than my previous cheaper juicer.
- Gail R. reviewed Angel 5500

best of all it uses about half the vegetables to make my morning drink!!!!
- Don reviewed the Angel 5500

I had an Omega juicer before and the Angel produces far more juice with less produce used.
- Dave reviewed the Angel 5500

the pulp is like dried paper, amazing.
- Lori T. reviewed the Angel 5500



- We assumed a price for organic carrots of $8 for a bag of 2.5 kg.

- The Angel juicer provides approximately 2 litres of juice from 2.5 kg of fresh carrots. 

- The relative extraction yield of 70% of a single gear juicer versus the Angel juicer is based both on our experience and several comparison studies. Here is one video from our friends over in Europe that shows the Angel juicer in a "juice battle" with the Omega VRT400HD juicer, one of the most popular and best performing single gear juicers on the market.