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Learn How a Freeze Dryer Can Help You Plan for an Emergency

Learn How a Freeze Dryer Can Help You Plan for an Emergency - Juicerville

Wendy Floyd |

Have you ever wondered how you and your family would survive in an emergency situation where access to food was limited or worse, non-existent?

Freeze Dryers Are Lifesavers   

Emergency preparedness is not a situation we want to imagine, but it's a reality that we cannot ignore. Preparing for a disaster by ensuring you have an adequate amount of food stored at home can reduce the fear, anxiety and losses that disasters can cause.

Keeping a three-month or more food supply at home is a major benefit as it will:

  • Prepare you for the unexpected should disaster strike;
  • Save you money in the event that food prices sky rocket;
  • Ensure you maintain an adequate food supply should access to food be limited;
  • Fuel your body with nutritious and balanced meals so you can maintain your energy stores; and
  • Allow you to focus your time and attention on more pressing matters in an emergency situation.

 Freeze-dried Fast Facts

  • You can freeze dry individual food items (veggies, fruits, dairy, meat) or an entire dish (lasagna, casserole, desserts, pie).
  • Freeze-dried foods can be re-hydrated back to their original look, texture, flavour and colour using hot or cold water.
  • Making freeze-dried food at home means you can accommodate food allergies and sensitivities.
  • The quality of home freeze-dried food vs. store-bought is far superior. You can control your food source and adjust the flavour of your dishes.
  • Freeze drying at home will result in savings in the bank! Purchase your food in bulk, avoid food waste, freeze dry large quantities of food at a time and compared to commercially prepared freeze dried meals, home freeze drying is a fraction of the cost.  


If you're curious to learn how freeze drying works, then you'll love this quick video on freeze drying meals. Yum! 



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