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The Essentials of Freeze Drying - 3 How-To's

The Essentials of Freeze Drying - 3 How-To's - Juicerville

Wendy Floyd |

The convenience of freeze dried food is unparalleled. Enjoying fresh food weeks, months, or years later without compromising on nutrition, flavour, colour or texture is made possible using a freeze dryer. 

Before you get started, you'll want to know the essentials.  

How-to #1: Fruits and Veggies

Everybody will appreciate the convenience of being able to reach into their pantries and have a variety of delicious fruits and vegetables at their finger tips, especially in the dead of winter when fresh local fruits and vegetables are practically non-existent. Also, freeze drying your fruits and vegetables at home means you can buy in bulk and eliminate unnecessary waste, which translates into savings, a lot of savings. 

TIP: Blanching your veggies before freeze drying them will help bring them back to that perfect texture when rehydrated.


How-to #2: Dairy or dairy alternatives

Did you know you can turn yogurt, milk or even eggs into powder? You won't ever have to worry about having to make an emergency run to the grocery store. All of these staples will be neatly tucked away in your pantry, ready to be used. All you need to do is to add water to reconstitute. 

TIP: Freeze dried (n)ice cream is highly addictive with its crispy, airy texture! 


How-to #3: Meat or meat alternatives (soy, tempeh)

Meat can be freeze dried either cooked or in raw form, and can easily last up to 25 years if it's well packaged. That means it'll retain its same fresh taste, nutritional values and original look. Once you are ready to  use the freeze dried meat, simply re-hydrate using hot water (for cooked meat or soy products) or using cold water (for raw meat). 

TIP: Handle raw freeze dried meat as you would fresh raw meat 

Which food would you freeze dry?